Computer Recycling Scotland

Welcome to Green IT Recycling! We're experts at IT recycling in Scotland, providing green electronic waste disposal to people all over the country. And we do it all - from mobile phone recycling and printer disposal to laptop or computer disposal - achieving the highest possible environmental standards in all of our operations. We go above and beyond WEEE standards, and recycle as many elements as possible for every piece of equipment we deal with, virtually eliminating the need for landfill.

So if you are planning computer equipment disposal, you shouldn't just throw your items in the bin - talk to our Scotland computer disposal team and get rid of your equipment the responsible way. No matter what you're disposing of or where you are in Scotland, we can help you out, taking all the hassle out of getting rid of unwanted equipment. Environmental protection is incredibly important to us, so using our computer disposal services is the ethical and responsible choice.

We make it so easy to dispose of unwanted computer equipment, and we're always on hand to answer any questions you might have. Protect the Earth and reduce your strain on the planet by recycling computer parts responsibly with us - it couldn't be easier.

Fill in our handy online form or contact us today to get started!